About Us

Hello – sut mae? Thanks for dropping by.

We are a family of bookworms based on the Wrexham/Shropshire borders. Our aim with familybookworms is to encourage our own children with their reading and to spread the enjoyment we get from sharing stories, engaging with authors and discovering new books. We have taken it upon ourselves to highlight and champion the work of children’s authors and publishers from Wales, but fiction has no borders and we are not adverse to writers from other countries!

Kit Worm is 5 years old and enjoys books about dinosaurs and pirates. He particularly likes Supertato, Aliens in Underpants and Kevin (Rob Biddulph’s new book). He has a real soft spot for Nicola Davies and Abbie Cameron’s Graffeg-published picture books., but his favourite Welsh author is Emma Levey who wrote Hattie Peck.

Nina Worm is 8 years old and enjoys the Claude books by Alex T Smith and anything about Daisy by Kes Gray. Her favourite books are by Wendy White, Sharon Marie Jones and Judith Kerr.

Noah Worm, aged 10, is an avid reader and loves being part of a book group in our local book shop. He loves Charlie Bone, Fizzlebert Stump and Darkus. His favourite book is Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell (swiftly followed by The Explorer by the same author!). His favourite Welsh author at the moment is Claire Fayers, whose Accidental Pirate Books are both in his Top Ten.

Daddy Worm, aged 42, is a primary school teacher, passionate about the school library and the joys of reading for pleasure. He’s in love with Auden Dare and Katherine Rundell. He really likes Ian McEwan, Neil Gaiman and Hanif Kureishi.

Mummy Worm, aged – well, that would be rude wouldn’t it? – is a secondary English and Media teacher whose love of reading started when her dad gave her a copy of The Lord of The Rings. Fantasy novels still give her the biggest thrill with Ready Player One and works by Douglas Coupland being amongst her favourites.



We love getting books through the post and are so happy to receive requests for review but please bear the following in mind:

  • Our blog is biased towards children’s fiction with Welsh themes and by Welsh authors (and so is our reading list!)
  • We will not be pressured into reviewing a book – we read with our children for pleasure and will not force them to read. We therefore cannot guarantee that a book will definitely be reviewed.
  • Children are very honest. The reviews will reflect the Worms’ genuine opinions.
  • If books are provided for review, this will be acknowledged on the blog as part of the review e.g. “A copy of this book was provided by …. in exchange for an honest review.”

If you’ve read that and you’d still like to get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you – please email us daddybookworm@familybookworms.wales or you can message us via Twitter @bookwormswales